Little Jammer: Your own private live band

by AndrewD

While you’re probably not going to have Rush performing live in your home anytime soon, there’s a way to have your own private live band, sans the annoyance of lousy humans not wanting to perform for you at odd hours. Not too mention, much cheaper than brute man power.

Tuned to perfection by Kenwood, the Little Jammer PRO is probably the only way most of us can get a live music performance in our home without our family members being in a crappy garage band. The Little Jammer PRO set ships with piano, guitar, drums, sax, bass, and trumpet players, all ready to perform for you whenever you feel the whim.

The “musicians” themselves all come prepared with a collection of 25 pre-made ROM tunes, spanning genres such as jazz, blues, and rock, with more expected to become available in time. If the beginners set of Little Jammers gets a little boring, a vocalist and other guest players can be bought separately.

While the Little Jammer PRO set only plays 16-bit polyphonic sound tones, it’s better than having no live performance at all. And the audio itself is 3D live surround sound. Sure, you can always just turn up your tunes and imagine you’re watching your favorite band perform, but no other band would perform the Girl from Ipanema on command. You can get your own live band for $499. Not cheap, but much cheaper than booking Rush.

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