Busbi Digital Video Camera


Are you looking for an affordable gift that doesn’t look too cheap and yet manages to keep the recipient happy? I suppose the Busbi Digital Video Camera would fit the bill perfectly.

Slimmer than a dieting supermodel, the battery-operated Busbi has just 4 buttons: On/Off, Delete, Playback and Record. Even your nan could use it (once you’ve told her it’s a camera, not a newfangled remote for her heated rollers). A 2″ LCD screen means you can inspect your film masterpieces immediately and the nifty playback mode allows you to view/delete the last video captured. If you want to watch all the videos captured, simply USB the Busbi into your computer. You can even hook it up to the telly using the included AV cable. The head-scratchingly inexpensive Busbi comes with a 1GB SD card, giving around 60 minutes recording time, but for truly epic nights out you can upgrade to a 2GB card. Quite what you’re going to capture over the course of 2 hours is enough to boggle the mind. But don’t waste time rubbing your hands together in gleeful anticipation, get ordering and start Busbi-ing away for real. And…cut!

After all, what can £34.95 really get you these days? Guys won’t want to add yet another handbag to their ladies’ already formidable collection, making the Busbi Digital Video Camera the logical choice.

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