Lav Nav is the Coolest Gadget of the Week


Lav Nav

Last weeks coolest gadget contest was the closest yet with the lead changing 3 times, the sea scooter from Gaj-It took the earlier lead but was soon overtaken by the GPS watch however just as we thought it was in the bag along came the Lav Nav with a late surge to take first place, so congratulations to Decide What to Buy.

The lav nav is a great product that will guide even the sleepiest members to the intended target. Fitted to the underside of your toilet lid, small LED lights sense someone approaching and act as a landing strip to ensure the successful meeting of pee and porcelain

Sea Scooter
In second place and continuing their stint on the winners rostrum are Gaj-It with the sea scooter

This gadget is mainly aimed at divers however, and has been rated number 1 overall by Diving Science and Technology (DSAT), making this particular dive propulsion vehicle a shark amongst plankton. There are two levels of thrust control which can give you a top speed of 3mph, which would be very handy to get you away from an encounter with a large marine creature with teeth.

GPS Watch
Managing to just hold onto third place (only 6 votes ahead of the USB VHS converter) it is the GPS watch.

The watch transmits a constant GPS position to the included handset, which pinpoints the user’s location for the searcher. The watch also allows users to set certain perimeters, which when passed, will send out a warning notification to show that the barrier has been breached.

Thanks once again to all voters, commentators and entrants. Last weeks was the closest contest yet though how you can vote a toilet accessory the coolest I don’t know 🙂 .

We’ll start this weeks contest on Friday (if you are a gadget writer entries need to be in before then (details)) and the prize for a randomly drawn voter and commentator will be a Sansa Fuze MP3 player.

This weeks $50 Amazon voucher goes to Mike Constantine, we’ll be in touch to sort out the details (I’m still waiting for last weeks winner to reply to our email, Zultone please get in touch).

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cowy Says: July 30, 2008 at 4:57 am

Well, my gadget fail this week. However, I will participate another cool gadget next week 🙂

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