Race Chairs make office work speedy, but expensive

by James

Life in our corporate cubicle world could stand a little speeding up and with these RaceCar chairs, it may very well be. The idea is to take a standard office chair and make it more stylish and comfortable by placing actual sports car seats on top, replacing the dull and uncomfortable swivel chairs in your average cubicle. But they’re not cheap.

Costing anywhere from $2,000 to over $10,000 (good luck expensing that), Race Chairs have quite a lineage with such notable sports car parentage as the Ferrari 360 (which costs about $3,000) to the Lamborghini LP640 Murcielago, which will set you back a good “Ten large.”

To further outfit your office with a racing theme, Race Chairs also offers a Carbon Fiber desk for a cool $8,000, a glass case/table with motor cycle encased for another $2500, and a Ferrari shifter paperweight for a mere $335, and carbon fiber mouse pads for around $80. Custom works include wine racks and coffee tables made from a engine blocks, and numerous framed steering wheel displays that will adorn your wall for about $400.

Other race chairs take seats from Maserati, Porches, Lamborghini, and, of course, Ferrari. But I’m noticing a remarkable lack of American sports car love here. What, no Mustang Shelby Cobra? No Corvette? Who wouldn’t want a race chair outfitted from one of those?

Hat Tip – Geekologie

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