FuChat phone helps analyzes emotions


I guess it is true – the Good Book did mention, after all, that man has managed and is in the process of taming all sorts of creatures, but when it comes to the tongue, they fail miserably. Just look at the track record in your life – never mind that of other people whom you deem are worse off than you. The FuChat phone is one device that comes with the unique ability of detecting changes of tone in a person’s voice as well as in body temperature, analyzing such data and subsequently alerting the user to their current emotional state – just in case they don’t know it themselves. It would be pretty interesting to see a self-aware angry person looking at the FuChat phone “nagging” him to tone down on the angry rhetoric, and could result in a case of venting his anger on the handset itself eventually.

The FuChat phone comes encased in an environmentally-friendly-biodegradable plastic made from corn starch and sugarcane, although I don’t think it is something you can take and eat in case of an earthquake, leaving you stranded under a pile of rubble. The inner framework consists of a light aluminum compound in order to increase the durability of the device, and the whole idea of this aesthetically pleasing phone is to help make phone conversations a much more personal experience than it already is at the moment. It is able to detect changes in the user’s tone of voice or body temperature, relaying such information to you in the form of text, sound, lights, and color on the display so that you’ll be able to put advice from the anger management class to good use while forcing out a smile as you negotiate your next pay raise with your boss.

Other features include information on weather conditions, temperature, time, and caller ID for incoming calls. Too bad this is but a concept at the moment – would be cool to see it released though.

Source: Cellphone Beat

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