Fabrik [re]drive eco-friendly hard drive


Everything and everyone’s going green these days, making me think that going green is the new black. I suppose we all want to do our part by helping keep the environment clean in a passive manner, hence the deluge of green products being released by manufacturers left and right. Fabrik is one of them, shipping what it touts to be the most eco-friendly hard drive in the world, although there aren’t any official benchmarks or studies done to affirm that self-proclaimed statement. I wouldn’t go up against it though, since the materials it is made from is already much greener compared to your regular hard drive. Known as the [re]drive, it uses bamboo as a design element and comes with low-impact packaging. Internally, you will find a 500GB hard drive for you to store all your precious files.

Interestingly enough, there is no On/Off switch with this (come to think of it, other portable hard drives don’t have an On/Off switch either – you just take the tried and tested Plug-n-Play route) as it will turn itself on and off depending on the usage level. Each $159.99 purchase comes with an Energy Star-qualified power adapter. On the outside, you will find a thin sheet of bamboo lining the drive, doubling up as a cover as well. The chassis itself is made out of aluminum and adds to the drive’s ability to passively cool itself, which means there are no built-in fans with the [re]drive. That translates to virtually zero noise, making it an instant favorite with librarians and those who like some peace and quiet.

The [re]drive’s packaging is also minimized, coming with just a small amount of corrugated cardboard. Each Simpletek [re]drive will be accompanied by 2 GB of free online storage, but those who want unlimited storage can fork out $5 per month.

Source: PC Mag

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