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Most of us will know of music boxes as pleasant pieces of home decorative items that tinkle the day away while you take a break from all the rigors of the office. Folks who have a penchant for something different might be interested in the DIY Music Box that is capable of accepting any punched paper “score”.

This is the ‘big brother’ version of the Music Box Set. It has 20 notes instead of 15, so it can play 2.5 octaves. As a music box, it is quite a bit bigger, at 14.5 x 7 x 2.75cm high. Again, like the smaller music box, it just plays the white notes, and does not play sharps or flats. Included is the Music Box, one pre-punched strip which plays Romeo and Juliet, 2 blank strips, and a hole punch, so that you can create your own tunes! The strips are 66cm x 7cm.

You can pick up this alternative music box for £15.99.

Product Page via TRFJ

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