Shampoo Shower Radio camouflages your radio

by Ally

Shower radios are usually fairly boring, but they get the job done.  In the end all you really need is to have a radio blaring your favorite tunes to drown out your off key voice.  It’s pretty basic really, find the station you need and you’re good to go.  However, most designs do stand out a bit in the shower.  It just looks like a radio which isn’t very interesting.  With this radio, it may  not be anything exciting or different, however, it will definitely blend in with the rest of your shampoos and conditioners.

It is available in a several different colors and even what brand you would like printed on the bottle.  Like Pantene or Head and Shoulders.  That way it’ll mix a bit more nicely with what’s already in your shower.  It also have the handy little strap to make it so you can hang it from your shower head.  Although you’re likely to have a couple of issues if you have one that is removable from the wall.  The radio uses 3 AAA batteries and is quite obviously completely waterproof.  You will have to contact them if you’d like pricing information.

Source: technabob

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