Dark Knight Bat-Logo calls no one

Every once in a while, some product comes out that looks good and is available for order, but there is very little information available about it. This leads potential customers to doubt its validity.

Such is the case for The Dark Knight Bat-Logo Project Key Ring. This product is exactly what it sounds like, a key ring that can project the bat-signal on the wall.

Unfortunately, there isn’t really a good demonstration of this product, except what you see here in this picture. Too bad there isn’t a YouTube video on the site, but the only video I see is a preview of The Dark Knight.

Many blogs have reported on this suspicion, and many have also complained that it is the old bat-signal from before Christopher Nolan’s rebooted franchise. At least the new logo is on the product.

In all honesty, I’m surprised that this product actually works. I believe that if you were to put a bat-stencil on a spotlight, you would not get the result that Commissioner Gordon sees. Maybe it works better in miniaturized mode.

Obviously, this company that makes this product is hoping for some quick profits with the gargantuan success of The Dark Knight movie. If you want to satisfy your bat-craze, feel free to shell out $16 for it on the Play.com site.