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Sprinkler IQ from New York is one company that goes all out to help you save water, and by doing so, it also helps you save the environment as well. The company deals with the development of smart irrigation systems, and is now offering homeowners, property managers, building owners and landscape contractors a way to save anywhere from 30% to 70% on their landscape watering bills with a newly developed patent pending technology. The Sprinkler IQ won’t be so high tech as to require a computer or a permanent Internet connection before you start to save precious drops of life giving water, and even better news in this day and age where the economic crunch is hitting everyone hard is the missing monthly subscription fees for this service, despite the fact that the user will start to save money and water right from day one.

The Sprinkler IQ eliminates complicated setups as well as the need for computers and monthly weather data subscriptions. By using a proprietary algorithm, Sprinkler IQ automatically adjusts and postpones watering cycles based on an on-board weather forecasting device, therefore ensuring that the unit will not water prior to there being rain. A comparable product in the market has rain sensors, which shut the water timer off after it senses rain; however, often the rain comes after the water timer has already watered. Also, the sensors on the Sprinkler IQ will adjust the watering cycle based on the weather to ensure the least amount of evaporation. The unit, which costs $99.00, usually pays for itself in a few months.

Sounds like a pretty smart sprinkler by any means. Definitely great for folks who have a garden to tend and hate to water plants individually as they can now retain the services of Sprinkler IQ while saving money and time in the process. Image above courtesy of Treehugger.

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watering-system Says: January 7, 2009 at 6:46 am

Soaking the lawn once a week is much better than everyday sprinklers because at the end, the roots will absorb the water and not the surface.

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