A Wii bit of storage

Nintendo Wii owners have long suffered from the lack of a huge storage solution as there are more games that they’d like to keep on the console than what Nintendo originally thought gamers would need. Humans are a hoarding lot after all, so it makes sense for Nintendo to forsee a new development with a new sense of urgency that will expand upon the current paltry 512MB of internal flash memory found in the Wii. Traditionally, downloaded games and extra Wii content can be transferred to SD memory cards for posterity, but I’d much sooner have a hard drive in my Wii for storage purposes since deleting and re-downloading content is a big hassle in this day and age. If you’re a Wii owner and should a new model surface with a built-in hard drive, would you purchase a new one?

Source: PC World

3 thoughts on “A Wii bit of storage”

  1. Would i buy ~another~ Wii for the privilege of having more storage? No.
    An external drive for it? You’re getting warmer.
    The reason i would NOT buy another version of what i already own is because even if it was priced identically to the current Wii, i’d have paid $500 at that point for a game console. That would make me no better than the poor saps that i endlessly ridicule that had to sell their firstborn to get a PS3 or XB360.
    Of course, the option always exists to sell my current Wii after upgrading, but that’s beside the point. They should just make a $50-80 add-on drive and call it good. I can live with that much.

  2. I think the lack of more storage was a gross oversight on Nintendo’s part. Granted, we don’t need 160GB on our iPods but the device is still there simply because if we can store as much as possible, why not? The same applies to the Wii I guess 🙂

  3. Since Wii has wireless capabilities, why not make it possible to store/access from a remote location on the network. I have a 1TB HD on my home network that I use for multimedia content; I access MP3,Videos, photos and files from anywhere inside and outside the house using laptop, Ipod, etc. Having this capability on Wii would make a lot of sense to me.

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