Decoy Mask avoids any unwanted face-to-face

by AndrewD

Don’t you just hate when your in the middle of mowing your lawn, minding your own business, and your annoying neighbor comes over to gab about absolutely nothing for half an hour? It’s just a total waste of time. Sure, they might mean well, but talking about the weather for 20 minutes is not productive unless you’re a meteorologist, which you’re most likely not.

If your not looking at your neighbor face-to-face as they talk, they might think you’re being rude. But sometimes you just want to turn around and hope they go away. The Decoy Mask creates a custom replication of your face to wear on the back of your head. This way, your annoying neighbor doesn’t feel like they’re being ignored, even if they are.

Designer Sholto Crow even offers the Decoy Face in a variety of emotional states. You can appear to be eternally sympathetic, asleep, unwell, or moronic if you so desire. Who cares if you look like a moron if all you want to do is be alone anyway? They might just get the hint and think that the poor boy next door just doesn’t register anything they say.

We can’t find any official pricing information, but if you contact CrowMotion, the firm which makes these masks, I’m sure they can give you a quote. We all wish we had eyes on the back of our head. Now you can have a nose and mouth to go along with the extra pair of peepers.

Source via Trend Hunter

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sholto Says: August 15, 2008 at 2:31 pm

What an excellent idea, wish I’d…thought…….of………

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