Speak-A-Message brings sound to your messages

I am always amazed with the new ways that we find to communicate. Ten years ago, most people didn’t use cell phones, and email capability was somewhat limited. Don’t even get me started on Instant Messaging or text messaging. Were they even around back then?

Now, there is new way to communicate with Speak-A-Message. This is a free audio recorder that can make or send voice messages through email. It is available for download, and shows up on the computer screen as a separate window.

The user has the option of putting a different “skin” on that window based on pre-programmed patterns or can even customize the skin with a digital photo. The user also has the option of adding sound effects to their message if they want.

In addition to providing vocal messages to email, it can also add audio comments to text documents or to add a user’s voice to comments and presentations.

If you want to try it out for yourself, feel free to try it out here for absolutely nothing. Sounds like a great product, but I have only one complaint. See that little mascot guy there that looks like an extremely happy emoticon? He also looks like a character who should really be copyrighted: Pac-man. I sense a lawsuit from Namco in the works.