Paint Drip Table

Whether you want to tell people that this table is supposed to represent blood or red paint, the awesome design is totally inspirational. The “Paint or Die But Love Me” Table designed by John Nouanesing seems to be melting. And if not melting, than not even solid in the first place, but rather a paint spill suspended in motion.

There’s a very good reason that people put sheets all over their furniture when they paint their homes. Paint has a tendency to drip from a surface when wet or heavily applied. Once you get some paint on your carpet or on your plush sofa, you can say goodbye to that particular space. Not to be melodramatic, but I just don’t know if I can fully trust some sort of paint removing chemical solution on my furniture. This table not only promotes the beauty of dripping paint, but embraces it as an art form.

The “Paint of Die But Love Me” Table is not something that will be easily produced for the mass market. In fact, so far it’s only in the conceptual art stage. The table’s design, with its ultra-thin paint droplet legs will be pretty hard to structure while offering also offering support, but just from scoping around a few blog comments you can see there are plenty of people willing to turn this sketch-up into a reality.

Who knows? Perhaps one day we’ll be able to buy our very own Paint Drop Tables, possibly available in assortment of colors rather than just the gruesome blood red. At least we hope this table gets picked up by a manufacturer of some kind. It’s just such a cool idea.

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