Armpit TV for mass-transit? Optimal for deodorant sales!

by AndrewD

Here’s a new word that might be invading your vernacular in the near future if you happen to be a frequent mass-transit commuter. Pitvertising. That’s right. Ads directly from the deep caverns of your fellow passengers’ armpits.

It might sound sort of creepy and unpractical, but think of the most common sight on a crowded subway car. Tons and tons of sweaty armpits, attached to those very same fellow passengers who are reaching for the handy support hanger. And what better way is there to utilize such a medium than by advertising, oops, we mean “pitvertising” a brand of deodorant?

Deodorant company Right Guard recently sent out a flock of pitvertisers out into the wilds of London to test out their new form of media. And while it might not be playing something entertaining like The Best of Monty Python, at least it’s better than the choice of entertainment you usually have, which usually consists of glancing between the same poster ad over and over again or staring into the depths of an non-displayed armpit.

I guess the question remains, can such a scheme actually sell deodorant? Well that all depends on the pitvertiser’s hygiene. If I were running Right Guard, I’d make sure the owners of the armpits in question were only to wear the display after a serious workout at the gym. It’ll just get people thinking about how many times they might have been emitting a foul odor from their pits. And what does that mean for Right Guard? Boku bucks.

Source via Textually

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