The Piggy LoudSpeaker looks like an alien pig

I swear I need a weekly pig gadgets article, I wasn’t aware that there were enough of them to maintain one.  However, here yet again is another piggy gadget.  This one is a speaker, same as the one I wrote up back in early July.  Only these have a light up mouth, I’m not entirely sure why that was necessary though.  This is actually from the same seller as the other speakers, so maybe Gadget4all is working on getting themselves a full piggy section.

Sadly, this one has only two colors available instead of three.  It is being sold in white and pink.  It is actually a slightly more high powered speaker than the other.  Well at least I’m hoping it is since it will cost you $105 for one.  However, there isn’t really anything in the way of audio speccs listed.  Besides the volume being controlled directly on the speaker if needed.  Which is done by moving its ears up or down.  You can go here to pick one up.

Source: geekalerts