Nextar T30 PMP

by Mark R

As I tried out the Nextar T30 Portable Media Player, I had a déjà vu experience. I suddenly remember the Philips SA6145 4GB/Go, and saw some startling similarities.

I noticed the menu looked the same with almost identical icons, and the user could chose from Music, Video, FM Radio, Photo Viewer, and Voice Recorder. The only difference is that none of the controls are on the front of the unit, but tucked-in conveniently on the sides. The screen of the T30 is the same size as the SA6145, a 3.5 TFT.

The Philips SA6145 also has the same amount of memory: 4GB. The T30 has the option for upgrading the memory with an SD card reader that can support up to an additional 2GB.

The Nextar T30 is a lot lighter at 3.7 ounces, which is more than a third the weight of the SA6145. While both PMPs use Lithium battery power, the T30 can actually do less at a full charge at 8 hours of music playback or 4 hours of video. The SA6145 can do up to 20 hours of audio on a full charge.

Still, the Nextar T30 is a definite sign of the time for Portable Media Players, as we now demand that our PMPs play tunes, play videos, show photos, record sounds, and listen to FM radio all on one device. Yes, you have seen it before, and yes, you will see it again.


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