The Star Wars MP3 Player excels at being average

by Ally

With the Star Wars trilogy (and yes it’s just a trilogy) being what it is, they can slap their name on pretty much anything they like.  That includes this shiny new MP3 player.  It may not have anything special about it, it is after all just a random nameless MP3 player.  However, it has Darth Vader slapped on the front giving it lots more geek appeal.  Why they couldn’t just do something cool with a normal iPod, we’ll never know.  Yet, I’m sure plenty will line up to pick up one of these slightly generic MP3 players.

Unfortunately it’s sold out on Amazon and if you’d like to try to get a hold of it, you have to jump through a couple of hoops to get it.  I’m always scared when  a site asks me to list the maximum price I’m willing to pay before they tell me the price.  It is being sold through IMC Toys and there is no date as to when these will be available again.  The MP3 speccs are pretty bland, it has 512MB and a radio function, nothing all that exciting there.  You can attempt to get one by going here.

Source: ohgizmo

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