Belkin’s Breakfree Guitar Magnetic Connectors

For those of you that play something besides the plastic guitars for Guitar Hero, Belkin has created a magnetic device to make your gigs run a bit more smoothly.  If you enjoy the ability of switching between guitars a whole lot, without wanting to put your amp on standby, this little connector is worth a try.  It is very similar to the connectors used on MacBooks, the magnetic part that attaches to the laptop.  Which also hopefully means when some drunk manages to pull your cord by tripping over it, it will cause less issues.

The connector is meant to get rid of that lovely popping noise that tends to occur when the cord is accidentally unplugged from a live amp.  It isn’t available just yet, but will be in the US, Canada, Europe as well as Asia as of September of this year.  The great thing is this little connector is only $19.99.  The BreakFree Tips come in two packs for $9.99.  Which I’m guessing is the part that goes on your guitar itself.  Either way the tips are used with the connector itself.

Source: Gadgettastic