2-Liter Bottle Pour Thing

by AndrewD

The pizza is set out on the table, your buddies are all pumped for a long-night of poker, and you have to go and ruin it by spilling a bottle of soda all over the cards and the food. You and your clumsy hands never fail to drop the soda bottle. And up until this point you’ve been able to hide the reason why you always wait for someone else to pour for you.

This 2-Liter Bottle Pour Thing makes sure that you never have a nasty liquid spill again. To pour your drink without causing a mess, just place the bottle in the Thing and use two fingers to pour the soda. We imagine this can save some nasty spills from kids and small girly-handed men alike.

While your kids probably shouldn’t have access to soda whenever they want, all of that sugar can have some nasty consequences, at least you won’t have to worry about wasting all of your paper towels for spilled soda. And if the soda does spill, you have a nice inanimate object to blame it on.

One of the most embarrassing everyday events is minor liquid spills. There is just no telling what sort of treasure or electronic device you might ruin if you spill soda in the wrong place. Hopefully, this gadget will help prevent most of those spills. You can get your own 2-Liter Pour Thing from Solutions for $19.95.

Product Page via 7Gadgets

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