Wireless Display Blood Pressure Monitor


Most blood pressure monitors we know are portable devices that are wrapped around your arm before it gets to work – this one does the same albeit with a slightly different approach. It comes with a detachable wireless display for optimal viewing.

This is the only blood pressure monitor that transmits measurements to a detachable wireless display that can be positioned up to two feet from the main unit for optimal viewing. Easier to use than wraparound cuff models, your arm rests comfortably in the enclosed cuff which inflates with a push of a button. The monitor uses the oscillometric method of measurement to record blood pressure readings accurate to within 3mmHg and pulse rate accurate to within 5%. The LCD panel shows diastolic and systolic blood pressure in 7/8 high numerals, as well as pulse, date, and time; LEDs alert you if blood pressure readings fall outside recommended levels. The display stores up to 90 readings for two people. Six AA batteries (included) provide cordless operation for about 150 readings, or the unit plugs into AC with an included adapter.

I guess I’ll need one of these if the Dow Jones continues to plunge each day, as I see my favorite stocks go south and I remain stubborn to the bitter end. The Wireless Display Blood Pressure Monitor retails for $199.95.

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