Wii ups the ante with new accessories

Folks who own the Wii – the top selling console in the US for this generation, will soon be able to look forward to newer accessories that are supposed to enhance the gaming experience. InvenSense has a hand in these new updates this time round, shipping its IDG-600 multi-axis MEMS rate gyroscope in mass quantities to Nintendo for use in its Wii MotionPlus accessory. What’s the Wii MotionPlus, you ask? Well, it is an add-on peripheral that connects to the bottom end of the Wiimote, using both an accelerometer and the original sensor bar for a more comprehensive tracking process that results in a more accurate reading with each swing of your arm. In an upcoming title, Wii Sports Resort, a brief demonstration has showed that the Wii MotionPlus allows a player to throw a disc through the air and control the angle of flight, opening up new possibilities when gaming.

InvenSense isn’t offering something old, as their new class of silicon-based MEMS rate gyroscopes come in a smaller form factor and uses less juice to help prolong battery life. It is able to incorporate 3D mechanical features directly into single crystal silicon substrates while easily and cost effectively integrating it with CMOS electronics. Guess the integration of such technology with the Wiimote will enable high precision 3D tracking of rapid gaming gestures, opening up new possibilities for future game titles.

Logitech has also taken a ride on the bandwagon by introducing a new keyboard for the Wii. This officially licensed product by Nintendo is meant to make it much easier to enter URLs and communicate on the Wii. It doesn’t use any wires for connection, relying instead on the tried and tested 2.4GHz wireless technology. It comes in pearl white, complementing the Wii’s color and will definitely be a boon for chat-oriented games and the Wii Internet Channel. Special keyboard features include Zoom In/Out, Forward/Back, Quit and OK. The Logitech Cordless Keyboard for Wii will hit the US and Europe from next month onwards, retailing for $49.99 a pop.

Source: Gizmag