TOYTI wireless home entertainment system


The TOYTI wireless home entertainment system from Korea not only keeps everyone happy and distracted from the cares of the world, it also functions as a parental content controller, a set top box, a media extender and a portable TV.

The TOYTI comes with a 10.2″ LCD monitor (16:9 wide) and a base station that connects directly to any audio/video source and transmits the signal right to the monitor using the latest wireless network standard technology 802.11g @ 2.4GHz. (The maximum usage distance is 35m; limited by obstacles or other interference to the wireless network.)…”Kids Safe” Function TOYTI’s “Kids Safe” mode allows you to keep an eye on what the kids are watching Just click the Kids safe button on the set top box and watch on the 2.5″ screen!

Paranoid parents might want to look into the TOYTI as a solution when it comes to managing whatever’s going on inside the house, although I’m not sure just how much it will cost for an average-sized home.

Product Page via TRFJ

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