The lighted Ur. Frog Wrist Rest

by Ally

Not too long ago the Croissant Wrist Rest made its way around the net, coming with a fresh bread scent.  However, this latest wrist rest is definitely way cooler.  First of all, this squishy little frog can be hooked up to your USB port and to activate the pretty lights.  Nothing is cooler than a squishy glowing frog, it’s just the rules.  Although, it does look a little morbid, since it looks more like a frog that was recently run over by a truck.  Well maybe not a truck, probably just some evil little kid with a wagon or something equally small and fatal.

The wrist rest when hooked up to your computer through the USB also has a few interactive games.  One of which the objective is to catch flies, and you do so by hitting the frog.  When you catch one the lights on the frog begin to twinkle.  The poor frog has to endure all kinds of abuse just for a bit of attention.  Unfortunately as of now there is no pricing information, but you can read up on the frog a little more here.

Source: geekalerts

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