Mobile Edge releases the ScanFast Collection for travelers

by Ally

The TSA has just announced that they will be allowing travelers to travel with their laptops, certain companies have started to create laptop bags that are checkpoint friendly for those intending to utilize that.  Mobile Edge has a full line that will include a backpack, a briefcase and a messenger bag.  All of which will safely hold your laptop through the airport.  The ScanFast Collection are all designed to open easily for any airport screeners.  The backpack especially looks roomy enough to hold plenty of other things you might want directly with you.

The line doesn’t have a price just yet, so we’ll have to wait on that.   They will be launched late in the summer, so either way you’ll at least have them for any fall or winter traveling you might do.  They kept the bags extremely neutral as far as coloring goes, which might bother some.  However, it’ll be nice to at least get the new line started.  Hopefully they’ll add a little more personalization later.  For now at least, your laptop would be well protected and within the TSA guidelines.

Source: crunchgear

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