Last weeks coolest gadget (and $50 winner)


Flee camera

We had a run away winner last week with with 37% of the votes, Flee the flyng digital camera, this is the third time Gaj-It has won CGOTW so congrats and thanks for the cool finds guys.

The Flee is designed to be thrown into the air where it will then take amazing aerial shots, something that until now you would have needed a small plane’s assistance for. The aerial shots are then sent back to your mobile phone via Bluetooth, before the Flee returns to the ground ready for use again.

wind-up remote
In second place and the entry that received my vote we have the wind-up remote control.

the equivalent weight of 110 Jumbo Jets – are sent to landfill unnecessarily every year, so this remote is definitely something to take seriously. It needs 30 ‘winds’ which will then last for seven days, which is pretty good going. It’s £24.95 but if you think about how many batteries you would go through, it’s not so bad.

Full post over on Decide What to Buy.

WallE Lego
Finally in third place with 22% of the votes we have this summers most famous droid, Lego Wall-E Trash Collecting Robot

This cool Lego Wall-E robot uses an ultrasonic sensor, it spots the trash and then verifies that it is trash, it then opens up and scoops the rubbish away

More info over at Geeky Gadgets

Thanks again to all entrants, voters and commentators. Own a gadget blog and reckon you can finder cooler stuff than Gaj-It, check out how to enter CGOYW.

Last but not least onto the $50 randomly drawn voter, it goes to Zultone, congrats, thanks and we’ll be in touch.

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Jo Says: July 22, 2008 at 3:05 am

Hey Gaj,

Well done this week, again! I know what you mean about running out of gadgets, not sure what i’m going to do this week.

I’ll def vote for you in the Computer Weekly Awards, well done for getting in! Good luck!

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