Spotlight Torch


The Spotlight Torch is one gizmo that you should carry around with you or place at a convenient section of the house just in case you experience a sudden blackout, or need a light source desperately.

The Spotlight Torch’s portable 50mm size yet mighty illumination make it great for outdoor types and vehicle owners who want something tough but lightweight, powerful but pocket-sized. Upcoming camping trips or festivals, where emergencies and badly lit scenarios require a quick and reliable solution, are where the Spotlight LED Torch comes into its own. The Spotlight Torch comes with a rechargeable battery that can be recharged via your car’s cigarette lighter, making it great for the environment, and giving you the freedom to power up your rechargeable torch while on route and throughout your trip – it’s a must-have car gadget!

This fully submersible gadget retails for just £12.95, making it an essential tool to have just in case an emergency happens. Perfect for those who want to be prepared at all times.

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