Stuck Up: Magnets disguised as chewed gum

by AndrewD

The Stuck Up magnets are chewed gum replicas which you don’t have to worry about fingering by accident. If your hand brushes up against one of these ABC (already been chewed) wads of gum, there’s no need to compulsively wash your hands (as long as you don’t have some OCD disorder).

Chewed gum is the foundation of every public school. Look under any desk in a public area and you’re sure to see an assortment of flavors and brands plastered onto each surface. It’s really gross when you realize you’ve accidentally rubbed up against some stranger’s deposited chewing gum. But the sticking powers of dry gum are incredible. In fact, I sometimes wondered whether schools rely on this incredible adhesive to remain standing for so long.

The Stuck Gum is almost indistinguishable from those gatherings of gum we’ve come so accustomed too from are years of public education. Designed by Winnif Pang, each pack of Stuck Up magnets comes with 4 different flavors, including bubble gum, spearmint, peppermint, and tutti-frutti.

Each Stuck Up gum wad has a high powered magnet encased inside of its design. So try as you might, it’ll be pretty rough distinguishing your magnets from real pieces of ABC gum. For even more realism, add a little spit for some extra sheen.

Design Page via Gear Diary

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