Zen Krystal from Creative

by Mark R

A few weeks ago, we covered Creative’s latest Portable Media Player (PMP), the Zen X-Fi. Believe it or not, Creative has already rolled out another PMP with the Zen Krystal.

The Zen Krystal looks like the Zen Stone Plus with Display (a PMP which I highly recommend), but has a more rectangular look. It appears to only be available with 4GB worth of memory, which is enough for about 2,000 songs. Songs and other audio files are easily downloaded with the drag and drop function with no drivers to install.

In addition to its 10 hour battery life, the Zen Krystal has a lot of other nifty features like a voice recorder and a radio with 32 preset stations. It even has some nifty motion-sensitive games programmed on it like Hurdle Race, Catch & Dodge, and Dice Roll.

It appears that the Zen Krystal is targeted for the sports and fitness crowd. It has a pedometer built-in, which is a first for Creative. It allows you to track your calories burnt, and you can use the stopwatch for your workout with the included bundled wrist strap.

The Zen Krystal just appeared on Creative’s Hong Kong site, and so there is no real word as when it will become available or price.


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