The USB Cooler Mouse straight from Thanko

Remember all those bizarre Thanko products that were exclusive to Japan?  Well, turns out Thanko is opening up a shop for those of us in the US.  Which is partially great news, because then I won’t have to mess with translating the page just to see the speccs of all their strange products.  It won’t open till August, so as of now we still have to translate things over to English.  Which includes this USB Cooler Mouse.

Thanko seems to think of everything, even those that tend to get all hot and sweaty while on their computer.  The mouse sucks air through the bottom and blows it out directly onto your palm.  When you’re cool enough, you can just shut off the tiny fan and use it as a normal mouse.  The mouse has five different buttons and the extras are programmable.  It is being sold for about $19.  Which isn’t bad considering you get the extra perk of having your hand blown on.  After all, who wants to purchase a normal sized fan and cool off your whole body at once?!

Source: gearlog

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  1. My coworker had something similar that came out a while ago… the Nyko Air Flo Mouse. Worked great, although it only had 2 buttons and a scroll wheel… it had a fan with 3 settings, and it vented out the sides and the top to cool your hand, and it was powered completely through USB. Seems its not available anymore, but it was pretty cool when he had it.

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