Limbo String is now portable


Get your instant limbo kicks in with the Limbo String! No longer do you need to find a straight stick in the middle of nowhere with this device.

At the click of a button the multi-colored string whizzes into action creating a fluorescent arch that all your guests will have to lean backwards and dance through. Remember no touching of the string or you’re out. You don’t even need a stereo (although you may of course bring your own maracas)as the Limbo String has it’s very own Limbo Music to get you shaking to the groove. With a twist of the dial the string gets lower and the stakes get higher, so you might want to make sure everybody puts their drinks down: it could get messy! If you’re playing in the dark then why not flick on the black lights and everyone will be able to see the vivid dayglo string whipping its way through the air. For even more fun you can take the Limbo String out of its base and use it hand-held. It’s dead clever and will turn any party into a night everyone will remember for a long time – even if it’s because half your guests ended up in traction.

You will be able to bring home the Limbo String for £24.99.

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