Air Guitar Rockstar

Seems that air guitar devices are getting more and more popular these days, perhaps due to the deluge of music-based games like Guitar Hero and Rock Band? With the Air Guitar Rockstar, you’ll be able to live a semblance of your rocker fantasies.

This ingenious electronic headstock lets wannabe plank spankers crank out thunderous chords without all that fiddly fingering business. Simply press the chord buttons and strum the air. Infra red sensors detect your hand motions causing the selected chords to blast out of the built-in speaker. There are even several preloaded rock classics to play along to. And if they don’t get you dropping to your knees mid solo, you can plug in an MP3 player and jam along to any song you fancy. It’s rock with no strings attached.

You will be able to pick up the Air Guitar Rockstar for £14.95, so why not get rocking straight away?

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  1. Hey, the link is not working for me. Can you post a better link? I would like to get this for my kids, but a Google search failed to turn anything up.

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