Load Up On Movie Props While You Have The Chance

by AndrewD

Owning a piece of movie memorabilia is like no other collection venture out there. These are props that we can actually view being used our screens. Products we’ve emulated at the cinema and never dreamed of owning ourselves. But there are ways to scoop up these priceless items.

The Profiles in History auction house is all set to release a huge collection of movie props and gadgets which makes are collective mouths water. The wonder of the movies is never as real as when you actually get to touch the makings of a movie yourself. And if you’ve got the cash, this is your chance.

Some of these props being auctioned off are just… there are no words. Totally iconic gadgets which have changed the vision of technology as we know it. For example, the prop used for Darth Vader’s TIE fighter is expected to sell for £100,000. You can even snag the hover board that Marty McFly used in the Back To The Future movies.

Few of you probably have the means to own many of the props being auctioned off, but if you feel like you’re financially able this could be a once in a lifetime chance for owning a piece of movie history. You can check the Profiles in History site for more information about the props being sold on July 31 and August 2.

Source via Tech Digest

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