Force Unleashed coming to the iPhone

At E3, our friends at Crunchgear saw a really cool app for the iPhone – the latest LucasArts and THQ Wireless’ mega blockbuster video game Star Wars: The Force Unleashed, has been ported to it. It looks to be really seamless and LucasArts has gotten around the iPhone’s sole multi-touch interface rather nicely.

Players can’t use the accelerometer for anything other than changing from portrait to landscape, but users can actually control the Sith apprentice by running their finger in a manner suggested by the game in order to create the needed moves. An upside down sort of “plus sign” (where you keep your finger on the screen) will signal the apprentice to force choke the bad guys, then swapping from one side of the screen to the other will tell him where to toss his victims like rag dolls. A slash across the diagonal looks to deflect with the light saber and attack.

It’s not ready for the iTunes App Store just yet, but word around the galaxy is that it’ll be released mid-September. Too bad they couldn’t get it ready in time for the premiere of The Clone Wars. Don’t iPhone Geeks and Star Wars Geeks have that line waiting thing in common?
Watch a cool video for it here.

Hat Tip – Ubergizmo