Amazon Video on Demand can “Bring It”

by Mark R

Clearly, streaming video is the wave of the future, and the days of video stores are nigh finished. I had a chance to try out the Roku with its limited selection, and I wanted to try out the Unbox service from Amazon.

It doesn’t look like I will get the chance, because Amazon is scrapping that Unbox program in favor of Amazon Video on Demand (VoD). This service is similar to the streaming video Apple offers with its iTunes.

Amazon’s Vice President of Digital Media is very pleased, saying the company’s goal is “to create an immersive experience where people can’t help but get caught up in how exciting it is to simply watch a movie right from with the click of a button”.

The user will have access to over 40,000 movies from various studios at varied prices. In fact, once a user visits the video’s product page, it will play the first two minutes of the content. It appears that Disney and any of its subsidiary companies will not have their video content available on the site for now.

Amazon wishes to bring the Video on Demand Service through a deal with Sony, that will even embed store access into Bravia TV models. Right now, the Video on Demand service is only accessible through the Bravia Internet Video Link device, which retails for about $300. You should be able to view the Beta version now.


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