Yeah, It’s Raining, Wanna Fight About It?

That’s right. I said it’s raining. You wanna to fight about it? I’m not scared of you or your flimsy umbrella. Just wait until I whip out my rain protection. You’ll be wishing it was sunny everyday. You don’t want to mess with me when it’s raining. You wouldn’t like me when it’s raining.

See, I’m totally confident enough to threaten people about the rain. Sure, it’s not their fault it’s raining, but who cares? You don’t have to worry about anyone pushing you around in the rain if you have a gadget like the Birkland Umbuster Umbrella. People get in pissy moods when the drops start falling. Who knows who’ll just flip and punch you in the face. The brass knucks on the handle of this bad boy will ensure it never happens again.

With a design which integrates rain protection and self-defense the Birkiland Umbuster Umbrella keeps you protected from people with seasonal depression. I’m telling you, people flip their lid when the rain clouds start to surge. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

One thing you have to make sure about this umbrella is that it might violate local weapon laws. And if a cop scopes you out with one of these heavy duty rain protectors in hand, you might find it either confiscated or even spend a night in county jail. No price has been announced yet for the Birkland Umbuster, but the product is marked as coming soon.

Product Page via Gearcrave