Water Jet Propelled Road Rocket


Summer time is here yet again, so what better way than to entertain yourself outdoors with the Water Jet Propelled Road Rocket?

This is the water jet fueled outdoor racer that reaches speeds up to 272 scale MPH as it sprays a stream of water in its wake. Simply fill the water tank with 34-40 oz. of water and pump in air to create thrust up to 60 psi (about 50 pumps). A step on the foot release pedal launches the vehicle amid a soaking jet spray. Modeled after the road rockets that once sped across Utahs famed Bonneville Salt Flats, the racers missile-shaped fuselage is vacuum formed PVC and has dual airfoils that enable it to travel up to 150′ on a paved, level outdoor surface. Includes an air pump with an integrated pressure gauge and two sheets of decals for customizing your racer. For ages 7 and up.

You will be able to pick up this fun garden toy for $42.95 a pop. At least it looks fun enough to tear the kids away from their Xbox 360s, Wiis and PS3s.

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