Stunt Granny defies death


There is never a moment of boredom with the Stunt Granny around.

Following a recent break out from the Golden Years Retirement Home for the Terminally Bored, grannies are back, powered up, and raring to go. Clear the supermarket aisles because Stunt Granny has arrived. Complete with a turbo-charged bath-chair, she can perform death defying stunts flying off her launch ramp to clear piles of cereal boxes and cans of beans. Cackling in the face of danger and joyously ignoring the Health & Safety ‘Wet Floor’ sign, Stunt Granny is a force to be reckoned with as she scoots about any obstacle you lay in her path. She’s an Octogenarian Evel Knievel with attitude.

Stunt Granny will cost you £19.99, but it does make me wonder which is more fun – her or her sisters who prefers the rough and tumble lifestyle of wheelchair racing or punching each other’s lights out in the boxing ring?

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