Portable Digital Magnifier

Life’s all about details, and for those who want to see the micro picture, they can always rely on the Portable Digital Magnifier. Even if it does not reveal the secrets of life, at the very least it is able to magnify fine print that lawyers love to throw at you in their documents.

The Portable Digital Magnifier outputs the magnification to a crystal clear 2″ LCD screen and with the push of a button the image can be frozen on the screen, for closer inspection. A conveniently located scroll wheel lets you instantly change the magnification level, from 5x to 20x (in increments of 1x). The magnifier illuminates using three built-in LEDs and the included batteries re-charge via USB connection.

You can purchase the Portable Digital Magnifier for $179.99 and start checking up whether there are lice on your desk no thanks to that colleague of yours who always comes over to your cubicle scratching his head with wanton abandon.