A USB Owl with healing powers

by Ally

Once a person has gone to all of the usual avenues to fix whatever their ailment, eventually they usually resort to other less conventional forms.  Apparently one company has decided to try to sucker those that are looking for an alternative out of their money.  They are selling an owl with mysterious healing powers.  Did I mention it’s USB powered?  If you were wondering if maybe historically or perhaps within a particular culture owls were believed to have healing powers, as far as I can find that’s not the case.  Most see owls as a symbol of deception, insight and some believe them to be shape shifters.

This strange USB owl is being sold through Strapya World.  It comes in four different colors pink, brown, gray and white.  If they had just sold it as a cute USB pet to sit next to your computer they’d have probably had more luck.  They have a video of these guys in action and they are definitely adorable.  They are sold for $22 or 2,300 JPY.

Source: ubergizmo

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