Musical Light Show

by AndrewD

Flashing lights have been known to trigger seizures in some people. I’ve personally never had a problem, but for some this latest gadget might be a bad idea.

With that said, adding a personal lightshow to your music sounds like a pretty cool idea, am I right? The LED Lightshow Speaker is a customizable light effect speaker which comes with an assortment of different patters for creating your own lightshow matrix.

Shipped with 48 colored cubes and 4 separate pattern modes, the LED Lightshow Speaker connects right into your stereo, portable media player, including the iPod, or other media device that can handle a 3.5mm plug. The continually changing color patters are offered in 3 different speed options, which which be a seizure deterrent to some effect.

If you feel the urge to pimp up your music listening experience with a little dynamic showmanship, the LED Lightshow Speaker seems like a pretty cool option for doing so on the cheap. For only $49.95, don’t expect professional DJ quality equipment, but you can plan on integrating a jazzier zest to your tunes.

Product Page via Zedomax

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