The Ultrasonic Collar stops your dogs barking without shocking

by Ally

If you hate getting those collars that zap your dog every time it barks, then you might give this one a try instead.  Although the shock collars are a bit more entertaining for those with a  slightly twisted sense of humor (me), eventually your dog is probably going to hate you.  This dog collar will instead just annoy your dog by sending out an obnoxious frequency.  Which over time will make them not want to bark all the time.  See, this is why I have a cat, I have heard my cat make a noise like all of five times in her entire life.  Which means no need for a collar to keep her quiet.

Although, I am wondering, do they make these collars for small children?  Not mine of course, that would be wrong.  I meant for my brother’s kids, sorry, that twisted sense of humor again.  Don’t pretend like it didn’t cross your mind a time or two though.  The collar is completely waterproof, so you won’t have to worry about your dog tearing it up that way. Just in case you were concerned another dog’s bark would trigger the collar, it won’t.  It picks up on the vibrations, not the noise. The price was at $19.99 but it has dropped down to $10.99 instead.

Source: ChipChick

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