Allume Retractable Light For The Indecisive

by AndrewD

Humans are instinctively dynamic. While we might fear some changes, there are plenty of the small things in life that we just get sick of seeing in the same place all of the time. For instance, say you have a chandelier, or any hanging light for that matter, in your dining room or kitchen. Can you honestly say you’ve never been pissed off about its location?

There are just times where you wish you could move that damn thing up a few inches or maybe slide it lower towards the ground by a foot or so. If you’ve ever yanked on those chintzy chains which hold hanging lights, you know that their strength is sometimes unforgiving. Napastyle offers an excellent retractable light, made just for those moments of indecisiveness.

The Allume Retractable Light features a cord which offers adjustable height. Ranging from a height of 20″-57″, the Allume is ultimately the most customizable retracting hanger that we’ve seen. You can use the Allume for up to a 40W lightbulb glow.

If you’re like the rest of us and just have those moments where the location of your light just won’t do, the Allume Retractable Light is a cool little find for $43.99. If you want a duo, you can snag two of these bad boys for $79.99.

Product Page via SlashGear

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