The Solar Powered Heated Shower won’t cool you off

by Ally

After spending all day in the pool with all that chlorine, a quick rinse before laying out in the sun would be nice. Especially if it meant you didn’t have to walk through the house and get everything between you and the shower soaked. The best thing about this solar powered shower is that it is heated. So you won’t have to freeze, as if you aren’t cold enough by getting out of the water. Sadly boys, I’m afraid that although as usual it features a cute girl posing underneath the downpour of water, she is not included in the price tag.

However, if you pick one up at least your house won’t smell like chlorine. Not only that but if you’ve been out in the yard barefoot, instead of rinsing off with the hose itself, you can rinse your feet with warm water. Since it is solar powered it would be easy to just pick it up and toss it in the shed for those cooler months. The shower can be placed anywhere that your hose can possibly reach. Each one is being sold for $199 and pours out water at up to 86 degrees (Farenheit).

Source: gadgetgrid

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