The Pop-O-Matic Jukebox is lacking in tunes

by Ally

This cruel and unusual popcorn maker is excessively deceiving and did I mention cruel?  With it looking like a jukebox as it is, you would hope it would at least have speakers and a spot to plug in your iPod.  However, all it does is sit there and pop you popcorn.  I have a microwave for that function and it doesn’t even take up extra space.  As cool as this Pop-O-Matic is, we all know where it would end up in our kitchen.  That really deep dark spooky cabinet where you put the small appliances you rarely use.

Things that sounded good at the time, but later you realize there is no way you’d take the extra effort to drag it out.  Things like ice cream makers and even sometimes the occasional waffle iron.  I have frozen waffles and they are way faster to make than using a waffle iron.  This popcorn maker, is another example of that.  Don’t they know that we demand appliances with multiple functions?!  To pick up your own it will cost you $49.95.  I would normally list off more information about the device here, however, it’s a popcorn maker, it makes popcorn.  Not a whole lot to list off in the way of specs there.

Source: shinyshiny

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