Socket Sense Power Strip

by AndrewD

Power strips haven’t exactly aged very well. Power adapters started getting huge and oddly shaped, which meant many outlets in a power strip would wind up being wasted. There have been ways to get around that thanks to the aid of some cool gadgets, but none which seem quite as effective as the Socket Sense.

Beautifully designed and well-thought out, the Socket Sense power strip ensures that every bulky AC adapter and plug has a spot to fit. Each of the sockets are positioned at a 45-degree angle, as to make sure that even the bulkiest adaptors stick to their own spot, not covering any of the other outlets.

The Socket Sense also includes an expanding length so that you can house as much bulk as needed without each plug interfering with one another. The lateral movement over an extending base, in addition to the angled outlets work together to provide one awesome power strip gadget.

The Socket Sense can be yours for $30. There’s no need to keep swapping plugs whenever you need to use a different gadget. The Socket Sense will make sure all of your gadgets are running full speed ahead, even if they have bulky boxed frames.

Product Page via Switched

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