Centrino 2 gets official

Intel has officially announced an upgraded Centrino 2 line which promises Core 2 duo performance with WiFiN or even WiMax wireless capability and faster speeds. The Centrino 2 specs are as follows:
Upgraded Intel integrated graphics processor, Intel CPU with chipset and snails pace Integrated Graphics. A WiFi-N (the fastest) adapter with optional WiMAX wireless networking adapter and Gigabit Ethernet (vPro model only). In addition, laptops will come with HDMI, Blu-Ray capability, a DisplayPort and CrossFire Dual GPUs. What’s interesting is that neither NVIDIA nor XTi compatibility is mentioned at all. The WiFi capability will come courtesy of a 300Mbps Intel Wi-Fi Link 5150 or 450Mbps Intel Wi-Fi Link 5350.

Power management improvements are certain to be an attractive to the laptop user as the Centrino specs promise the ability to watch a feature length Blu-Ray DVD without the need of an AC adapter. This comes courtesy of a triad of power improvements which include a new Low-power CPU, DDR3 RAM which lowers it’s power needs by 25%, and a host of other power management features.
Though laptop prices will vary according to features, the cost of upgrading to the Centrino 2 platform will range from be as follows: $209 Intel Core 2 Duo P8400 2.26Ghz, 3MB cache, 25W TDP to $851 Intel Core 2 Extreme X9100 3.06Ghz, 6MB cache, 44W TDP

Cue Intel jingle, please.

Hat Tip – UberGizmo