Jewel Ice Cube Tray: Because diamonds are too expensive

My girlfriend refuses to marry me until I can save up enough cash to get her a decent sized diamond engagement ring. I’ve thought about trying to sneak a cubic zorconia under her eyes, but something tells me she would know. Women have a built-in diamond radar or something, I swear. It’s science.

While I sure as hell don’t have the financial know-how to budget myself for the amount of savings I would need for diamonds, there’s another little gadget that my girl might like just for fun. Her love of diamonds and jewels is evident. So why not give her what she wants with something like this Jewel Ice Tray?

Forget about diamonds sweetie. Ice cubes can now be a girls best friend. Sure, they’re worth pennies on the dollar when compared to the precious gems, but how many diamond shaped items can cool your fruity beverage while still glittering (and then promptly melting) in the sunlight?

Ok, so my secret is out. It’s not that I’m cheap, per se, I just know what’s worth the money and what isn’t worth it. To her diamonds could either mean a symbol of an everlasting union, or just another pretty finger ornament, but to us as a couple, it’s food out of our mouths. Now this $7 tray? I could spring for.

Product Page via Zedomax