Book Holder Pillow: The non-awkward way to read in bed

by AndrewD

Avid readers like me have a real problem when it comes to shoving in a few chapters before rolling over to sleep. The real problem is that there is just not to many ways to get comfortable when you’re forced to hold your arms up above your body. Your arms start getting tired before your brain wants to give up.

But for the voracious consumer of literature, there is nothing that can hold us back from our most beloved hobby. Inspired from the design of The Great Pyramids, the helpful Peeramid is a gadget made for us bed readers.

The Peeramid is a pillow book holder with a unique design. Its pyramid shape props up your reading material without the need of a heavy plastic gadget. The integrated bookmark ensures that you never lose your spot, even if you close your book a bit to early.

The Peeramid is offered in a wide selection of color and materials. For $33, you can enjoy the comfort of your bed even when reading. Just prop a pillow behind your back, open the pages, and let your imagination do the rest.

Product Page via Home Improvement Ideas

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