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While iPhone users might be a cut above the rest of the tech community due to their ability to fork out insane amounts of dough at the initial release (remember last June’s iPhone that went for $599?), they certainly are human as we are, requiring sustenance to keep on going. Being hungry is a universal feeling that everyone experiences at some point in time, but iPhone users have the advantage of sniffing down some of the best eats in town thanks to the TripAdvisor. TripAdvisor has recently announced a version of its Local Picks restaurant finder at Apple’s recently opened App Store, and it will be available for free. The Local Picks application will take advantage of the iPhone’s location-based capabilities so that folks can track down the best restaurants rated by locals, enabling one to throw a so-called (biased) “guidebook” out of the window.

At the tap of a screen, users will be able to see the restaurants closest to them listed according to TripAdvisor’s popularity index, a way of dynamically ranking establishments based on customer satisfaction. Each restaurant listing will include information about the establishment’s distance from the iPhone user and its rating, based on TripAdvisor member feedback. Because epicurean adventurers may not just want to see the top rated local eateries, TripAdvisor is also incorporating filters into the application that will allow searches to be conducted by rating, radius and price. In order to learn more about a specific establishment, iPhone users can select a particular restaurant and a map will be provided that shows the location of the eatery. While viewing the map, users can not only see the restaurant’s cuisine type and address, but also tap on its phone number to be instantly connected to the establishment. People seeking even more insight can view TripAdvisor reviews of the restaurant to help them find their ideal dining experience.

Well, as long as you’re rocking on with an iPhone and iPod touch, Local Picks can be downloaded here.

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